International China Concern


ICC is recognised by the Chinese government. It works in three large population centres of China: Changsha, Hengyang and Sanmexia. Teams of  volunteer therapists, social workers and educators are assisted by general volunteers in the daily services offered to children with disabilities who have been abandoned by their families. They also proactively work in the area of abandonment prevention through providing a range of support services to families with children of disability.

ICC may take volunteers for 1 month if they have a required discipline, otherwise serving opportunities start at 3 months onwards. The cost for travel, insurance, visa, food and accommodation and the Christians Abroad admin fee is between £2500 and £3500 for one month, depending  on which centre is chosen. For three months or more, the cost would only rise by approximately £500 per month.

Specialist disciplines would be expected to hold relevant professional qualifications with at least 2 years proven experience working in their discipline.  Chinese language would be an advantage but not a necessity.

Volunteers would have an international project co-ordinator who would set, manage and support their work programme.  ICC also has its own Pastoral Care department that sets up the care relationship with volunteers from before they arrive on the field, through to transition and integration back home.

On acceptance they receive an E-Orientation programme to work through.  On arrival, a first days programme is on offer and a 5 day orientation programme is run every 6 months to support volunteers arriving.

Each project does have at least one guest flat that can provide accommodation to short-term volunteers.  However, this is not free and a small fee to cover rent and utilities etc is required.  Alternatively they may co-share with a volunteer if space is constrained, again this would be at a nominal monthly fee.

Volunteers will be required to manage their own meals.  Some projects provide lunchtime meals with general staff but this is project dependent.  There is a 2 hour break in the middle of the day and many volunteers return home for lunch and a rest break prior to returning to work.

A tourist visa is required for people volunteering up to 12 months.  Post 12 months a work visa/permit is sourced, but dependent upon recognised skills and experience.

All centres have local medical and hospital facilities available.