If you apply to be a Christians Abroad Volunteer, the following happens

  1. ADVICE: you will have the opportunity to speak to David or another colleague who will talk you through your options or the choice that you have made from our list of opportunities 

  2. COST:You will be required to make payments in three stages i. payment for your preparation and support, ii. payment for your airfare and insurance and iii. payment for any placement costs including the standard charge for preparation and support.

  3. This standard charge for preparation, support and placement is £750 which can be discounted if you can evidence a low income e.g. if you are a full time student, generally Christians Abroad will discount this charge to a minimum of £375. We have some donors who will help Christians Abroad with this expense.

  4. The usual cost for air fares and insurance for up to three months is £700 - £1500 depending on when you fly, how long you are staying in your placement and where you are working or staying en route.

  5. The usual cost for accommodation and meals is approximately £150 per month but this will depend on where you are working. In a few instances, project placements will provide accommodation and meals without charge. Placements will always be grateful for any financial help you or your church (if you have one) would be able to provide. You can discuss that, if you wish, with your placement provider before you travel.

  6. You will also need money for your personal expenses and any individual travel. Your placement adviser or preparation adviser can help you think this through.

  7. PREPARATION: you will be provided with preparation by distance learning with support from one of us. Depending on the level of experience that you already have, some of the topics reviewed can be read through quite quickly, other topics which you might be less familiar with, can be considered in more detail. This preparation can be completed over a minimum of three weeks and in your own time and at home. Our contact with you may include a combination of phone calls, e-mail correspondence, skype or face time and/or a chance to meet in London for a morning or afternoon to review final preparation.

    "Spending my elective placement in Wenchi was a great opportunity to experience a completely new culture – in the hospital and outside – make new friends and create good memories. I learnt so much at the hospital but, even as a student, I feel like I contributed a little to Ghanaian’s attitudes towards healthcare. I would also like to show my appreciation for all the support that David and Colin gave me. I always knew I could email David or Colin if I had any queries and I was confident that I would receive a comprehensive and speedy reply."

    Rachel, Ghana, September 2013

  8. SAFE GUARDING: If you ar working with children or vulnerable adults you will require DBS clearance;  David will  arrange that for you.

  9. SUPPORT WHILST OVERSEAS: Whilst overseas you can expect contact from one of us soon after arriving to check that you have arrived safely. If you are overseas for a long time (at least three monhts)  you can expect an e-mail from us about half way through your placement and contact again towards the end of your placement. Any other contact is up to you; the level of support that we provide is your decision but we will always be pleased to hear from you.

  10. Christians Abroad will arrange for you to register with  the Remote Medical Support team which will provide you with reliable health advice whilst overseas; by telephone or e-mail with a UK doctor or other health adviser. Emergency help is also provided with Christians Abroad under the group policy with Banner and their underwriters. Through our group insurance policy you would have access to emergency advice and support through Northern Global Security both before you travel if you are anxious about security arrangements and more crucially whilst overseas.

    Tom, Project organiser, Nakuru, Kenya, re Fanni’s visit in May 2012:“The placement has been a success to us and we felt privilege to have her in our ministry.    We were able to reach many in our society through her. Christians Abroad have good coordination, constant feedback and follow ups for all of its activities. We count it as a privilege and we are looking forward to keep in touch and team up for opportunities.”

  11. ON YOUR RETURN: On your return to the UK, we will request feeback about your placement and your evaluation of the programme supported by Christians Abroad. We are always anxious to learn how better to support you and the placement provider. This will be face to face, probably in London, and your travel expenses will be met by Christians Abroad.