Kenya - Trauma Counsellor established programme for Refugee Response, Agricultural Community Development & Teacher Placement Opportunities


Kitengela is a new town and as such some areas are quite affluent and some relatively poor but with an excellent community spirit.  This provides for a lot of volunteeer placement opportunities from... 

Working as part of a team in our Partner's established programme with refugees from Congo, Burundi and Rwanda to...

Working with the 'flower people' in the bulb growing farming sector to...

Working in a private Christian secondary school (for trainee or qualified teachers only) to...

Working as part of a team in a large orphanage which is also home to our Partner's associated Independent Pentecostal Church which will provide volunteers with friendship and fellowship.

Our Partner HQ Kitengela offices also provide Teaching English to Adults and IT opportunities.

Quality homestay accommodation is either with a local family or in a local Guest House.

The total cost for one month would be approximately £2350 and for three months, approximately £4000. This includes the return air fare, food and accommodation, travel insurance, a visa and the Christians Abroad administration fee.

Please see the document above for an summary that can be downloaded. 

Displaced Persons Treatment and Trauma Counselling

Displaced persons may find themselves in a discriminatory, even insecure environment, such that they continue to be in a very precarious situation even in their places of refuge.

Our Christians Abroad Field Officer and Kenya Partner offers a programme of group intervention trauma counselling of 16 sessions conducted on a weekly basis for 16 weeks for both women and men separately based on a model of trauma focus group Therapy (TFTG). The clients are taken through a 16 session programme by 2 trained volunteer trauma counsellors.

Partner Success to date

Our Field Officer and Kenyan Partner has had 2 groups complete a 16 week programme to date (as at May 2019).

Both of these groups have gone on to form self-help support groups to help them in income generating activities such as buying dye and dying materials to sell within their communities.

Both groups have also enrolled and joined our Partner's free English language class as English is a very useful language to have in Kenya where Swahili and English are the major languages - refugees from Burundi, Congo & Rwanda do not necessarily speak Swahili.

The programme's success is due to small scale group dynamics which has raised refugees' self-esteem and hope to help in their healing process.

Our Field Officer and Kenyan Partner has also organized training for refugees and local Partner staff on sexual and gender- based violence (SGBV) as SGBV continues to be a challenge to the emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing of the war trauma survivors.

Summary - lots to get involved in and learn from.  Please feel free to contact Christians Abroad to devise a Christian volunteer placement bespoke to your vocational requirements.