Kenya - Medical & Social Worker Electives. Level 1 Community Hospital, Level 3 District Hospital Placements

Our Partner is directly associated with Government departments and local Churches.

They provide quality volunteer placements to ensure that medical practitioners and social workers are part of active local teams who are offering up an excellent work programmes. 

Placements are with either a Level 1 Community Hospital in Thika (which is a major student town) combined with community HIV/STD education work and an orphanage placement; or a Level 3 District Hospital in Kibwezi (a more rural context) which offers multi-displinary hospital day clinics and hospital ward experience. 

There are good local homestays provided and caring pastoral oversight throughout a volunteer's placement. 

For Christian outreach our Partner offers fellowship and active involvement with the Anglican Church of Kenya in Kibwezi and a Pentecostal Independent Church in Thika. Placements can be from 1-6 months. 

Please see the Documents above which are available for download and feel free to contact CTBI Christians Abroad to talk through placement opportunities in order to devise the right medical or social work placement suited to your professional development requirements.

Joelah Flintoff spent a month at this project in the autumn of 2019. She has kindly provided the following reflection on her experiences together with some of her photos.

I have travelled from a young age and have always been keen to throw myself into different challenges and new experiences. With my recent qualification in Health and Social Care, I was especially keen to gain international experience in this area and work with challenges entirely different to those faced in the United Kingdom. 
Unsurprisingly, Health and Social Care practice in the United Kingdom looks very different to Health and Social Care in Kenya and whilst I arrived in Kenya with some skill and knowledge in my practice area, I left with a great deal more. 
YOIV were brilliant in recognising my qualifications and skills and identifying a placement not only where my skills would be best used, but one where I would be challenged and where I would grow the most, both personally and professionally. They ensured that I had a varied working experience and targeted my work in terms of the areas of most difficulty their country continues to face (poverty, disease, access to education and resources and more). YOIV worked alongside me whilst in the country and adapted my schedule according to my views of where I felt I was learning the most - in my case, ensuring I spent most of my time at a hospital based in Muranga County. The work here included mental health, disease, maternity, general care, and also had a Comprehensive Care Centre whereby staff train others, and also test, treat and counsel those living with HIV. My experience in Kenya, facilitated by YIOV and Christian's Abroad, has been invaluable and something I would recommend to others wishing to serve in any way - specifically in the field of Health and Social Work. The staff are amazing in their dedication to this work and to bettering their country in any way they can - their attitude and strength in the ongoing difficulty they are faced with is incredibly humbling and I am honoured to have had the opportunity to work alongside both the organisation and the hospital, and in the beautiful country of Kenya.