Jordan - Be part of the Jordan Church response to the Iraqi Church exodus. Be blessed & be a blessing!

Opportunity Documentation

Small Church groups from the UK, 5 max, can participate with the Jordanian Church response to the Iraqi Church exodus, including participation in a respite camp for Iraqi Christian refugees with our hosts Shabab Sahra, a registered young adult asssociation in the Wadi Rum World Heritage Site.  Fun, friendship, in depth discussion around the campfire under the desert stars, adventure sport for team development, good food and amazing Bedouin eco-camping...  This includes several days of camp preparation based with a local Church in Amman. Quality time out for refugees who have lost everything and an opportunity for them and the Jordanian Church to build friendships with the UK Church.  It is also great for monotheistic relationships - building trust and respect.

This is a UK Church fundraising project to help up to 5 from their Church spend time with 7 from the Iraqi Church who are refugees in Jordan and 3 Jordanian Church refugee leaders - tend to be local Pastors / Ministers.  Christians Abroad has done 2 camps to date, and they were very successful.  However, this is a new opportunity to develop this initiative further by offering the UK Church direct participation in this programme.  The fundraising objective is for the Church participants to not only fundraise for themselves but also to individually fundraise for 2 others to participate on the camp with them - so that the full team of 7 Iraqi Church refugees, 3 Jordanian Church participants and 5 UK Church participants can all go on the camp together!

Suggested time volunteering with the Church in Jordan is 3-4 weeks, can be longer.  This includes a 10 day respite camp - 4 nights/5 days in Wadi Rum with Shabab Sahra as hosts, 1 1/2 days of group preparation through presentations, 1/2 day indoor rock climbing in Amman facilitated by a local Church Partner, 1 day trekking in the north of Jordan.  A day as a tourist visiting Petra, along with other opportunities to visit Madaba and Mount Nebo, the Dead Sea and the wonderful green vistas of Ajloun. 

Great opportunity to be hands on in helping the Church in Jordan support the Iraqi Church in exodus and for the UK Church to build friendships with both the Iraqi Christians and Jordan Church.

Feel free to contact to discuss it all.