International - UK Church Young Adult (18+) Group Adventure Sport Discipleship Programme

The UK Church has a limited number of International Adventure Sport opportunities open to young adults (18+) to participate in as a group for enjoying God's creation internationally for experiential Christian discipleship programmes.  CTBI Christians Abroad offers up an Associate's programme called Crusoe Culture, which is relatively unique in the scope of experiential discipleship adventure that it offers to the Church and in Britain & Ireland as well as secular groups.

International high level trekking (max of 12 per group) -

1. Tour du Mont Blanc (France, Switzerland & Italy), 10-13 days.  This is a great opportunity for groups that have already built friendships and are looking for an adventure to explore discipleship further through some of the most scenic terrain in Europe, lodging at mountain huts which are well resourced for trekkers.  

2. Alternatively, the mountainous desert of the Wadi Rum World Heritage Site, Jordan, hosted by indigenous young adult Bedouin who know the deserts and mountains incredibly well, providing for quality unique treks and scrambles, along with opportunities for the group to fellwoship together around the camp fire under the desert night sky. 5-10 days.

3. For the mountain fit, there is the north section of the GR20 of Corisica, France. 8-10 days

4. Nepal, unique trails with a Christian Nepali local guide in the Himalayan foothills base camp, being his community's village. 8-10 days

5. Mt Kenya & Mt Kilmanjaro, two famous African mountains. 12-14 days

Multi-activity days in the Holy Land and Scotland (max of 12 per group) - mountain biking, kayaking, single pitch abseiling & top rope rock climbing and trekking Scotland's mountains or trekking in Galilee &/or north Jordan. 1-5 days

Please note that there is a tour application form.  For more information for this Associate, CTBI Christians Abroad programme, feel free to contact