Opportunities Volunteering Abroad


The UK Church has a limited number of International Adventure Sport opportunities open to young adults (18+) to participate in as a group for enjoying God's creation internationally for experiential Christian discipleship programmes.  CTBI Christians Abroad offers up an Associate's programme called Crusoe Culture, which is relatively unique in the scope of experiential discipleship adventure that it offers to the Church in Britain & Ireland.


Small Church groups from the UK, 5 max, can participate with the Jordanian Church in providing a respite camp for Iraqi Christian refugees with our hosts Shabab Sahra, a registered young adult asssociation in Wadi Rum.  Fun, friendship, in depth discussion around the campfire under the desert stars, adventure sport for team development, good food and amazing Bedouin eco-camping... facilitated by our indigenous Bedouin hosts in their traditional homeland, which is the Wadi Rum World Heritage Site.  Two days of camp preparation based with a local Church in Amman.


Our three-week programme is designed as an opportunity to help others and strengthen our Christian discipleship. You will work and worship alongside a vibrant Kenyan Christian community, impacting our lives and theirs and returning with lasting memories. Volunteers begin by serving some of the most underprivileged and abandoned children in Kenya. These kids need caring volunteers to emulate and education. Spending time and energy in this project will  provide hope for a better world for these children . In the second phase, you travel to a Community Wildlife Sanctuary and volunteer in a wildlife conservation project in a wildlife corridor between a National Park. In the third phase of the program we provide an opportunity to climb Mount Kenya through Sirimoni Down Chogoria Route. Sirimoni Route is much more scenic than Naromoru and is on the dry side of mountain, which offers some of the finest walking. 



The Christian University of Uganda is looking for qualified (MA level) Instructors to teach specific modules in its School of Divinity: Old Testament Survey and Pentateuch. Also needed is an instructor for ‘Firm Foundations’, a course produced by New Tribes Missions. Instructors would only need to commit to a two-week stay, delivering the classes at two different campuses.

More information about both these exciting opportunities is available from CTBI Christians Abroad


Our Partner provides quality Christian medical practitioner and social worker placements, combined with Church outreach, in Thika & Kibwezi

  1. Thika - Level 1 Community Hospital placement, focusing on HIV & STDs education. Community education training is provided if required. Orphanage placements and working with a very active local Indpendent Church. Thika is a major student town with its university & colleges.
  2. Kibwezi - Level 3 District Hospital providing high quality patient care in all major disciplines placements.  Accommodation is provided in the close by Anglican Church compound who also provide super outreach opportunities in Kwezi town and also the rural communities throughout the District.

Volunteers with medical health or social work related background can be actively involved in their professions and in Christian outreach. The total cost for one month would be approximately £2350 and for three months, approximately £4000. This includes the return air fare, food and accommodation, travel insurance, a visa and the Christians Abroad administration fee.


Kitengela is the home of a Partner HQ, which provides English & IT teaching opportunities in their own classrooms to local residents and to the refugee community from Congo, Burundi and Rwanda. 

There are qualified multi-displinary teaching opportunities in a large Christian local orphanage and Christian private secondary school.

The town is also home to the 'flower people', a whole community that works on the major bulb growing farming industry.  This provides opportunity for student agriculturalists placements and super Christian outreach opportunities with a local Independent Church based at the local orphanage.

Trauma counsellors for displaced people (refugees from Congo, Rwanda & Burundi) are in particular sought for being part of a team that delivers programmes of 16 sessions over 16 weeks, each programme is conducted one day a week for both women and men separately based on a model of trauma focus group therapy (TFTG). The clients are taken through a programme by 2 trained volunteer trauma counsellors.



Makongeni Health Centre is a community hospital which is located at the community area where the majority of the population are low income earners and slum dwellers. It is funded by the government to help reach the needs of the local community. Volunteers need to be qualified medical professionals or students in training. There are opportunities to gain experience in all aspects of the hospital services offered including Community Medical Outreach. 

The total cost for one month would be around £2350, and for three months, around £4000. This includes return air fare, food and accommodation, travel insurance, a visa and the Christians Abroad administrative fee.


Teach oversees for a year with our Partner in Zambia who needs specialist teachers to help with their well run and well resourced primary department.


The Administrator's position requires a close working relationship with the College Principal and Accountant. Managing the college finances, liaising with sponsors regarding the payment of fees, and applying to donors for bursaries and funding, helping maintain student records, overseeing the purchasing and distribution of food to the students and helping to ensure the smooth day to day running of the college. 


Kiwoko Hospital offers exciting opportunities for students undertaking elective placements, catering for Medical, Nursing, Midwifery and Physiotherapy students. The hospital community takes pride in offering a welcoming and supportive environment in which students are able to gain invaluable experience of healthcare as well as personal and spiritual growth within a cross–cultural setting. This makes an elective at Kiwoko Hospital a unique experience.



Our Partner in Kitwe, Zambia has as one of its units a small, modern and very well equipped primary school offering UK Christian teachers the following subjects: Computers, Art, Music, French, Sports & Athletics. Qualified teachers can be offered a one term placement on a Visitors visa. The school can arrange extensions for up to a full school year if required.



We have an excellent partnership with a Christian Fellowship in Kathmandu, Nepal. Pastor David Prasain has opened his home to a group of orphans and welcomes volunteers to ‘live in’ (volunteer separate accommodation floor, all well managed) and assist him and his wife Maryah, and join the small fellowship as they worship in their church, rebuilt after the 2015 earthquake with help from previous volunteers. Pastor David also helps to lead a network of forty-five Nepali churches. Recent visits to David have resulted in a range of volunteering opportunities opening up through his ministry and personal contacts in the city, in the Himalayan foothills and in the jungle villages. The various projects, which are described in more detail and illustrated with photos, can be accessed in the 'View all opportunities' page. Also included are details of the cost, answers to frequently asked questions and how to apply.


Give your time and talents to the Greenlife Foundation in Wenchi, central Ghana.  The Foundation needs volunteer help with health and medical care, education, Christian ministry and community care with orphans and disadvantaged adults.


Beautiful Gate Zambia is looking for volunteers to work in the community in Kitwe, Zambia on developing income-generating projects. Placements from one to six months. 


An ideal placement for medical students seeking an ‘elective’, Wenchi Methodist Hospital, with a bed complement of 100, is a district referral hospital for a largely rural surrounding population. Welcoming staff and excellent accommodation ensure a great experience for nurses or doctors in training. A typical 4-6 week placement costs approximately £2000. This includes air fares, visa, insurance and the Christians Abroad administration fee. A modular preparation course helps students to get the most out of the experience. Much more information in 'View all opportunities'.