If you want to ensure that you are covered for an emergency or accident, whilst overseas, then a TRAVEL INSURANCE policy is probably the best in periods of service no greater than three years.  If you are looking for more general support for health care then you might need an INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE MEDICAL INSURANCE policy.  it makes good sense to research whether the country, to which you are travelling or serving longer term, has a free or inexpensive health care programme that you can join. If the standard of health care provision locally is acceptable to you then joining in with the local provision may well make sense. You can always add Travel Insurance, if serving short term, for covering the risk of emergencies and accidents if you are a little uncertain locally about exceptional costs and quality of service in those circumstances and/or you are likely to be travelling between countries whilst overseas during your period of service.

Maybe what you need whilst overseas is PROPERTY INSURANCE as you are going to be away for a period and your property might lie empty even if checked on by a friend or neighbour. Alternatively, you may need LIFE INSURANCE,or a PERSONAL SAVINGS ENDOWMENT to offset a shortfall in your personal pension provision or perhaps  a FUNERAL BENEFIT policy just to make sure that your family is protected from inevitable future costs.


If you are using  paticular skills or training and you would like to cover the professional risk associated with what you do, you might like to have or need to have PROFESSIONAL INDEMNITY INSURANCE. 

CHRISTIANS ABROAD can introduce travel insurance for travel delay, baggage, accidents and medical emergencies through a scheme with Banner Financial Services. This provides a cost effective and efficient service to travellers working in mission or development overseas where there is a Christian connection either with the traveller or with the project. See the tab off this website for further information. Our policy covers work camps using tools and ladders as well as visits and voluntary service and can cover high risk areas and countries usually at an extra premium.We have a long association with Banner Financial Services and the comments made about our service and the insurance cover have all been positive and complimentary. Banner Financial Services and the emergency and claim services that they use are both trusted and reliable.

BANNER FINANCIAL SERVICES. For any other type of insurance than travel insurance, please read the information below and contact Kerry Holland of Banner Financial Services below mentioning that have visited the CHRISTIANS ABROAD site.  If you mention the Christians Abroad site and note the link that you made from our website with Banner Financial Services, then you can be assured of the best of service through Christians Abroad and of our additional support, where appropriate, throughout your policy period.


Banner Financial Services are a specialist provider of market leading insurance products for individuals, their families and groups who are living, working, volunteering or teaching overseas.

[ Banner Financial Services is a trading name of Harrison Beaumont Insurance Services Limited authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority No 303968 ]

Banner Financial Services offer flexible and dedicated personal insurance products including Travel - which can include war cover, Personal Accident, Life, Private Medical Insurance, Kidnap and Ransom, and UK Household (including unoccupied whilst you are abroad), the latter underwritten by a number of Insurers including the Salvation Army General Insurance Corporation Limited.

Banner Financial Services also provides insurance support to organisations in the aid, mission and charity sector to ensure assets and liabilities are protected. The product range includes Office Contents and Buildings, Cyber, Events, Legal Expenses, Liabilities, Professional Indemnity, and Trustee Indemnity.

To discuss any of the products or obtain a comparative quotation please contact Kerry Holland at Banner Financial Services on 0345 450 8549 or

Please mention that you are responding to the information on the Christians Abroad website


International Private Medical insurance [ IPMI ] is primarily designed for people living outside of their home country for an extended period or for example on a placement, secondment or contract and can be extended to any family members that may relocate with them.

Cover can be tailored, allowing individuals or organisations to create a plan that best suits their needs. IPMI plans can include cover for day-to-day medical expenses e.g. visits to the doctor, as well as planned surgery, emergency treatment, maternity cover, outpatient care and dental. 

Plans can also include cover for chronic and congenital conditions and a wide range of pre-existing conditions, often without any additional exclusions or additional cost. 

What are the Benefits of International Private Medical Insurance?

  • Portable - plans can be fully portable and therefore appropriate for people living overseas, but moving between more than one country, rather than travelling on short term fixed contracts or placements
  • Comprehensive – providing extensive treatment choices and cover for both planned and emergency events
  • Flexible – a choice of benefit levels – for example can add dental, pregnancy and evacuation or amend excesses that apply
  • Longevity – plans can provide guaranteed renewability

Purchasing International Private Medical Insurance

IPMI can be designed and purchased from providers in the UK, where plans are subject to UK law and regulation and often easier to understand.

If you purchase cover from an overseas provider, there are some pitfalls to look out for when purchasing private medical cover. Whilst the premiums may be cheaper in a local market, you may find that the benefit levels are much lower potentially resulting in insufficient cover and there may be restrictions on the medical facilities that can be used. Sometimes the cover can’t be used outside the selected country and inflation can impact both cover levels and future premiums. You may also find the complaints and compensation structures are not as customer focussed as the UK.

Where aid, charity and mission personnel do take a portable global International Private Medical Policy it allows employee, contractors, volunteers and their families from the UK to ensure they also have full cover in place for a period of time should they be declined primary and secondary care on the NHS when they return to the UK under the government’s new Ordinary Residency rules.

To discuss any of the products or obtain a comparative quotation please contact Kerry Holland at Banner Financial Services on 0345 450 8549 or

Please mention that you are responding to the information on the Christians Abroad website