Some Christian individuals and families who are supported by one or more church congregations in Britain and Ireland for long term appointments as mission partners assigned to or appointed by church congregations overseas to share in the work of these congregations in development or mission. Associate Mission Partners can avail themselves of one or more of the services outline below


Paula, Dean, Joel and Eli are the Finnie family; Paula and Dean are Associate Mission Partners of Christians Abroad. . Paula and Dean work in Macassar which is an urban sprawl outside Cape Town with all the social problems and challenges that you might expect in such an environment. They first planted the 'Tree of Life Church' in that community and their lives and the lives of their members, largely among the mixed race communities in Macassar',  were closely intertwined.. Today they are leading  a new church project called 'The Gathering'. They remain part of a network of local churches.

The Homework Club, the Food Pantry and work within community is meeting an increasing demand reaching out to peoples who have been displaced or have immigrated into the area from all over the sub continent hence 'The Gathering'. (see  ).


  • Please pray for the Gathering as it meets for worship every Sunday morning from 10 - 12 noon and every Wednesday evening from 7.30 - 9.00 pm
  • Pray for the work of the Soup Kitchen as it serves more and more of those more needy than overselves each week.
  • Pray  for the Homework Club as young boys and girls gather and find a place where they can study in peace and with help and give thanks for the success that they are achieving.
  • Please pray for the women' social time, bible study and reflection that meets at Gathering Ground for coffee on a Wednesday morning every week and for the support that it gives through the struggles of the week
  • Please keep South Africa and Zimbabwe (where the Finnies used to serve) . Please pray for peace and good governance.
  • Please pray for the whole family and their life and work in Cape Town that they may bless others and be blessed. Please pray for that they will conitnue to be blessed with the resources that they need to live and work in South Africa.

If you would like to help as an individual, please give generously to Paula and Dean's ministry by clicking on this link DONATE. You can e-mail us at




Chris is a pediatric nurse who became involved in the Amani Village of Hope in Kenya some 12 years ago. He is now an Associate Mission Partner with Chrstians Abroad.

He was present at its inception and has been very much a part of its history and growth (see ).

As well as working with this project, Chris through his ministry in Kenya and his language training is also associated with the Acts 2 v42 intiative based in Nairobi which supports the house church movement throughout Kenya.



  • Please pray for those who have already accepted Christ to become established and strong in their faith and to prepare the hearts of those who do not yet know Him as Lord and Saviour.
  • Pray for the staff at Amani who give so much of themselves to serve those in need.
  • Pray that the children would be protected from malaria and other water borne diseases during the rainy season.
  • Please pray for the success of our appeal for a new bore hole.
  • Please keep Kenya in your prayers with the consequences of this  years election. Please pray for true unity and peace among the opposing tribes. There is still alot of unforgiveness and pain which goes back many generations. Please also pray for a government which is free from corruption and the stain of vote rigging.
  • Please pray for Alistair that his work permit application can be successfully resolved on a missionary visa.
If you would like to help as an individual, please give generously to Chris Saunder's ministry by clicking on this link DONATE. You can e-mail us at


Alistair and Rachel are Associate Mission Partners.. They are developing two projects in the Holy Land, both of which give opportunity for the Grace of God to be made known:

1. Christian refugee respite camps through a Church Partnership in Jordan - includes forums for reconciliation and trauma counselling

2. Christian outdoor pursuits with local young adults in Galilee, working through the local Church - includes teaching on a shared homeland and unity & equality between the Churches in the Holy Land.


  • That the implemenation of a local Church twinning programme between the Isle of Skye, Scotland and Amman, Jordan would continue to go well.  This should activate a Church Partnership to facilitate more refugee respite camps where a registered young adults association, Shabab Sahra, are service providers;
  • That the implementation of the 2019 programme of 7 multi-activity days with young adults from the Church in the Holy Land would continue to go well.

If you would like to help as an individual, please give generously to Alistair and Rachel's ministry by clicking on this link DONATE. You can e-mail us at


Some volunteers just want occasional support from CTBI Christians Abroad.  They may need help with identifying a project but don't want any other assistance. They may just want insurance and general information and support as they going to be overseas for a considerable time and don't need help with finding a placement...they may already have a contact. Such associate volunteers are helped by CTBI Christians Abroad being there when they need them but do not necessarily require continuing support. All of our insurance clients who take out annual insurance are associate volunteers of CTBI Christians Abroad and are offered inclusion in the TravelWell programme at no extra cost.


These services are provided at the request of the Volunteer or Mission Partner.

Insurance: Christians Abroad has negotiated tailor made policies with our insurance providers to meet our specialist requirements and we place considerable value on the relationship between volunteer and mission partner, ourselves and the insurance provider to enable the best possible service. Policies can be provided across a wide range of risks but our service is the provision primarily of travel, health and accident insurance.

Voluntary Development Worker National Insurance contributions. Christians Abroad is an agency of the HMRC in providing VDW National Insurance contributions to those workers working for development in particular countries overseas designated as eligible. These are special Class 2 contributions and provide state pension entitlement as well as a number of other immediately qualifying state benefits including job seekers allowance on return to the UK. The contributions are paid annually usually in September following the end of a tax year.

Management of travel arrangements including air ticket purchase/amendment and visa processing where appropriate through Key Travel. Christians Abroad is a recognised partner of Key Travel and is a customer paying by invoice from Key Travel for the services provided. This means that Christians Abroad is able to provide tickets at charity rates where appropriate which may include an extra luggage allowance. The only tickets that Christians Abroad will purchase, as a matter of policy, are tickets which are at the lowest price available for tickets that offer the possibility of rearrangement of dates of travel. We can act as agent whilst you are overseas to help with any rearrangements which can prove troublesome at a distance.

Preparation: Available through standard distance learning usually over a six week period or by bespoke residential preparation including any further training that may be required by arrangement.

Support and Information: For mission partners, Christians Abroad can provide support through another organisation, Stewardship, for regular gift aided support from individuals and church organisation and can give accountability for occasional gift aided and  non-gift aided contributions paid directly through Christians Abroad. Christians Abroad can offer publicity and promotion support where necessary with local church congregations associated with a mission partner.

In general, any associate can request help on a wide range of issues where Christians Abroad will provide such services as it is able or make referrals to other appropriate agencies as necessary.

Debriefing. An often neglected but essential opportunity for an individual or family to reflect on their period of service once returned to the UK. This helps integrate and make sense of what has been learned and will also help with emotional impact of the placement and its relationships which is always long lasting but which may need help to accentuate the positive and life affirming impact of the experience as well as learn from the negative aspects of the experience.


Updated November 2016