Preparation and Training of Mission Partners

Christians Abroad offers a unique service to Mission Agencies and Independent Mission Partners who have the support of their local Church. Christians Abroad believes, in particular circumstances, that the best way of undertaking this preparation and training is on a personal basis. Christians Abroad consultants talk with the mission partner, the sending agency (a local church, a mission body, a national church) and listens to the needs of the individual, the church or agency and the placement overseas. An appropriate programme is then designed to provide the best preparation for the individuals concerned. The previous experience of the mission partner is critical. It is always necessary to recognise how God has prepared an individual for application for service in a particular placement. Further preparation focuses on enhancing and consolidating such experience, knowledge and training as might be necessary. Preparation and training is always cooperative and resourced by both the individual and the trainer.

Circumstances in which Christians Abroad will help.

We are pleased to offer this service in exceptional situations where more formal preparation is not possible or not appropriate.

Variety in provision and cost.

The variation in requirement is considerable. Appropriate preparation and training may be over an extended period whilst supporting part/full time employment or may be focused over a period of intensive full time preparation and training. Costs will vary considerably too depending on the time needed and the nature of any preparation and training. An estimate can be prepared on completion of a PRE PLACEMENT AUDIT and a cost established once the individual preparation and training plan has been prepared.

Preparation and Training as part of God’s plan.

Being equipped to be a mission partner does not begin and end with formal preparation and training but continues before and during your placement and continues to mature after your placement because God’s plan for you does not end with a particular placement and you need to be responsive enough to grow into the demands of the situation as you are led. At all times, preparation and training is held with an awareness of the presence of God in helping us to make decisions and determine pathways.

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