Health care in Kitwe, Zambia with ‘Beautiful Gate’.

Beautiful Gate Zambia is looking for health care workers and to work in the community in Kitwe, Zambia. Placements from one to six months. The approximate cost for one month is £1500, and for six months, £2000, making this one of our cheapest placements.

The costs quoted include the return air fare, health and travel insurance, visa and the donation to Christians Abroad to help cover administrative costs.

The project aim is to provide assistance in addressing the stigma attached to people living with HIV/AIDS and to give medical students experience of the Zambian health care system.

Volunteers are supervised by a Hospitality Co-ordinator and live in accommodation with modern facilities for up to six people. There is a well-equipped hospital only ten minutes’ drive away, and several local tourist attractions, e.g. a chimpanzee sanctuary, a snake farm, a game park and a dam.