Nursing, medical and healthcare in Nakuru thru' 'International Volunteers'.

Youth Organization for International Volunteers, Nakuru, can organize nursing, medical and healthcare opportunities ideal for UK volunteers with a heart to serve the community.  One month in this placement would cost approximately £2500, three months £3500. This comprises the return air fare, insurance, visa, a donation to Christians Abroad to help cover administrative costs and a local project fee covering all food and accommodation, transport from Nairobi airport to the host family, and supervision, training and refreshments at the project itself.

Nakuru is a small pleasantly situated town in the Great Rift Valley in Kenya. There are good local amenities, medical facilities and internet access. Tourist sites include Nakuru National Park, Maasai Mara, Menengai Crater and the Elementaita game reserve all within reach which can be visited at weekends.

The Programmes Director is Tom Kinyanjui, who describes the projects:

Nursing, Medical and Community Health.

Youth Organization co-operates and partners with the Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation and Family Health Options Kenya to provide placements a nurse or medical health practitioner  within local hospitals, clinics, dispensaries and health care centers. For example, you may volunteer with Nakuru Provincial General Hospital or Nakuru Municipal Health Center.

As the volunteer works with local health care practitioners, they will learn about Kenyan health care issues including medical care treatments that are specific to the Kenyan population.

Your duties will be:

  1. Work with health professionals and community health care workers to fight diseases such as TB, HIV/AIDS, Malaria and cancer;
  2. Basic patient care;
  3. Training and mentoring local health care workers on medical issues;
  4. Educating patients on healthy lifestyles and life practices;
  5. Nursing Care.