'Gracepatt Ecotours' supports the 'Heritage' orphanage in Kenya

Volunteering opportunities for working with children and youth in a Kenyan orphanage are organised by Nairobi based Gracepatt Ecotours, headed by Patrick Karimi and his wife Grace. Placements can be organised for one to three months, with accommodation provided with Kenyan families. The cost, which includes all travel arrangements, food and accommodation, is approximately £2500 for one month and £800 for each extra month.

A wide range of activities is available in this large orphanage not far from Nairobi, from basic health and hygiene care to helping with schoolwork, playing games – especially football - and assisting staff in the day-to-day running of the children’s home.

A recent volunteer comments: "The orphanage is a ‘home’ in every sense. The children are happy and looked after.  At all times the sound of laughter rings out in the corridors and everyone works, plays and prays together. Each day is busy and full – I was tired by the end of my stay, but extremely contented."