Opportunities for art and medical students in Kroboland, Ghana


Linked Hearts Volunteers Association is a growing organisation offering opportunities to volunteers for a range of development work in Eastern Ghana. Special openings for art students to study and work with Krobo beadmakers and designers. Work experience for medical students also available in local hospitals. Other development projects also possible. Approximate costs for one month: £1800. For three months: £2700. The quoted costs for one to three months includes the return airfare, visa, insurance, healthcheck, food and accommodation and a donation towards administrative costs to Christians Abroad.

Linked Heart Volunteers gives good accommodation to volunteers with responsible host families. Volunteers are met at the airport and taken to their host family. Anti-malarial medication is necessary. There are good medical facilities available within easy travelling distance. Transport between accommodation and project sites is by taxi or minibus.

Information from LHV on volunteering opportunities:

Beadwork: The Krobo beadmakers work in very basic conditions to produce these attractive works of art. Art and Craft students would be offered the chance to study and get hands-on experience of this genuine local craft.

Krobo bead production is unique in the sense that the tools used in production of the beads are made from waste machetes, bamboos, broken and rusty vehicle parts, waste pins, to mention few of the tools used in the production of recycled glass beads. The usage of clay moulds sticks and birds feathers are used in the designing process. Volunteers could learn about the process of bead production and also come up with alternative means of improving upon the tools and technology in the production of Krobo glass beads.

The Krobo recycled glass beads producers suffer a great deal in the production of beads  that are their main source of income to feed their families. A typical bead producer wears no safety gears, no eye protection shields, pounds broken glass bottles in with the bare hands. It is dangerous and a health hazard to the Krobo bead producers. Volunteers in the health and safety field are needed to come and consider alternative health and safety measures that the Krobo bead producers can embrace to give them long life and comfortable working conditions.

We are seeking international volunteers who have the marketing knowhow of trading in handmade products to consider the plight of Krobo beads producers and come to volunteer with us teaching and working with the local beads producers how best they can package, price, ship and market their products online, sell to organizations etc.

It would be good to consider volunteering with us if you are skilled in bead jewellery designing, bead jewellery ornament making, beaded bag designs, beads bottoms making and any other skill level a bead jewellery designer can pass on to the poor peasant Krobo bead producers.

Eco tourism: The eastern region of Ghana is endowed with  Eco tourism sites that need to be improved. Most of our tourism sites are not well preserved. There is a good opportunity for a group of volunteers to assist in the development of access to Krobo mountain, a beautiful location with great potential for tourism.

Health care: student nurses and  doctors looking for a valuable work experience are welcome. Volunteers will be placed in government hospitals or local health clinics and will be offered accommodation with a Ghanaian family.

Linked heart Volunteers has its own website at www.linkedheartvolunteers.org . Volunteers may apply directly through this website, but the support package is only available by applying through Christians Abroad.