Serve God in Jesus' hometown with 'Serve Nazareth'


'Serve Nazareth' will connect you with local ministries aiming to grow the Kingdom of God in the community and in you in the very town that Jesus grew up in! Sign up for a three month ‘Internship’ or be involved in the ‘Associate’ 1 – 6 month programme. The overall cost of the internships is £3500 and the Associate programme £2100 for the first month and an additional £550 for each extra month. These costs include the SERVE Nazareth programme fee covering food and accommodation plus the cost of flights, visa, insurance and the Christians Abroad administration fee.

Enthusiastic Christian volunteers are invited to take part in either of these two programmes. The internships run from January to March, from June to August and from September to November each year and are  open to volunteers over eighteen. The Associate programme is for those over twenty-one. Accommodation is located in the Nazareth Hospital, with all living expenses included in the overall programme cost.

One volunteer writes: “Being a volunteer at the Nazareth hospital has been the most life changing adventure for me. Last year was my third year as a volunteer and each year is better than the last as I have made friends from all over the world not to mention the wonderful friendships with the local people.”

Another says: “In my time in Nazareth I have felt very loved, respected and as a stranger, welcomed into many homes.”

The Nazareth Trust has its own website which includes a video.