Literacy and healthcare education among the Maasai with Macao projects in Tanzania.

The Macao NGO runs HIV/Aids education, general teaching, healthcare and community development programs among the Maasai people in the beautiful Ngorongoro district of Tanzania. One month would cost £2200, three months £3000. The costs include the return air fare, health and travel insurance, visa, healthchecks, CRB checks, food and accommodation and a donation to Christians Abroad to help cover administrative costs.

MACAO is a humanitarian non-governmental organization (NGO) working in the Arusha region of Northern Tanzania. The MACAO is based in Loliondo and was established in 2003. Since then MACAO has been working in partnership with the local community, district and national governments, and other local and international institutions to improve the lives of pastoral communities in the Arusha Region. Although the Macao Organization has a lot of development potential, but there is a shortage of personnel.

Below is a video giving information about the Macao project.

MACAO provides opportunities for the following activities:
(a) Orphanage Work 
(b) Caring for the elderly and the Disabled
(a) Medical Placement as a qualified doctor or nurse.
(b) Assisting Health Professionals
(a) Reporting (b) Interviewing 
(c) Working as Photographer 
(d) Working as Editor or Assistant Editor and Proof Reading
(a) Teaching English to Children (b) assisting in the classroom 
 (c) Sports Education and (d) Special Education
(a) Providing Loans to People Living in Poverty 
(b) Writing Project Proposals to potential donors and assisting to initiate Income generating projects
Wildlife and Environmental Works
(a) Wildlife Research (b) Natural Forest Conservation Projects and Tree Nursery work.
The MACAO Organization has a residential house where we normally keep the volunteers who come to work with us. We are expecting that your Organization will respond positively to our request.

Volunteers are given some instruction in basic Swahili phrases but most communication is in English, with capable interpreters where necessary.

Food and accommodation with modern facilities are provided at the project site at a reasonable cost and there are seven rooms available, each room accommodating two people. Internet facilities are available at any time. A number of Protestant churches are within easy reach.

Medical preparations will need to include a Yellow fever vaccination and anti-malarial medication. There is a well-equipped hospital only 3km away from the project site.

Volunteers will fly to Kilimanjaro Airport near Arusha and will be met at the airport by project staff. An overnight stay in Arusha is then followed by an overland bus journey to the project.

All volunteers are offered an individually tailored preparation course, support during placement and a debriefing interview upon return to the UK.

Christians Abroad has supported four volunteers at this placement. All have had a great experience.

For more information, see MACAO's own website at