Help Indian children in El-Shaddai projects

El Shaddai is a project in Goa, India, dedicated to ‘bringing childhood to the children who never had one’. Volunteers are welcome to assist in homes for children, shelters, community centres and a school. One month would cost £2000, three months £2800. This figure includes return air fare, food and accommodation, insurance and an administration fee.


Volunteers will be met at the airport and driven to their accommodation, which is a dedicated volunteer cottage with tap water, hot water, five toilets and a washing machine.

Each volunteer will be given a personal  induction , and they also will meet up with key people of El Shaddai before they start  work. The staff will do an introduction to the charities and take them around to see the projects, then an agreed work plan will be formulated. Volunteers will normally be expected to work for six days a week.

Volunteers do not need a specific Christian commitment, but would be expected to respect the beliefs of the organisation. There are churches within a few minutes walk from the accommodation.

The only other costs involved are the daily travel to work, which is only 15 – 20 rupees per day, and then the volunteers own transport for sightseeing etc and spending money. 

There is a good hospital 5km from the accommodation. Volunteers are advised to use anti-malarial medication in addition to the recommended vaccinations (available from your doctor).

Volunteers are advised to bring their own laptop. Wi-fi Internet access is provided at both the accommodation and at the work places.

The cultural dress code requires ‘respectable’ clothing, especially for ladies.