Help develop education and training for women or assist orphans with 'RUWON'

"My travel to volunteer for RUWON Nepal has so far been the best journey of my life." A previous volunteer assures you of a valuable experience assisting Internationally recognised Rural Women's Network Nepal (RUWON) in projects such as a Literacy School for women, Micro-Savings programmes for women, extra Tuition groups for schoolchildren and Gender Equality programmes.

RUWON operates in two centres: in Kathmandu, the capital city and in Sindhuli, a village fifty miles east of the capital. Two places are available at each location, and accommodation and food are provided at a relatively low cost.

The overall cost is comprised of the return air fare, health and travel insurance, visa, food and accommodation fees and a donation towards administrative costs for Christians Abroad. One month would cost approximately £1800, three months Approximately £2200.

A recent volunteer says: "When I came here to volunteer for RUWON Nepal, Dhruba, Uma, and the rest of the family gave me a very warm and lovely welcome. First, at the airport, I got a yellow flower necklace called a 'mala' in Nepali. Then they had prepared a special meal to celebrate my arrival. While volunteering with RUWON Nepal, I gained better understanding of impoverished people and how to work for improving their life situation. I have grown as a person as well as having the opportunity to experience Nepal (I have for example visited many stunning old temples and Buddhist stupas). I learned about a new way of seeing life:  learned about new customs, traditions, and another way of doing and seeing things. I also met disadvantaged people, and am now not seeing them as only poor children – “victims”, like when one reads the newspaper and thinks that their lives are all misery; instead, these people are just like everyone else, who are unique, laughing, joking, and playing around. Throughout my life I have visied many countries, but I must say that my travel to volunteer for RUWON Nepal has so far been the best journey of my life. I am very happy that I decided to volunteer with RUWON Nepal, since I learned a lot from my work there.  I will keep Dhruba, Uma, and all of my host family in my heart for the rest of my life."

Christians Abroad Recruitment Consultant David Brett visited the Star Children's Home in March 2018 and also had an interactive visit to one of the English Language classes run by RUWON. He was impressed by the care and dedication of Goma and Uma to the orphans and enjoyed his brief stay with Uma and Dhruba Ghimire, who were very welcoming. 

More information is available on their website