Help Africa Shine!


The Shine Africa Foundation operates community development projects in Soroti, Eastern Uganda. Volunteers of any age over eighteen can get involved in various projects, from health, education, sport or practical field work to administrative and fundraising tasks for both short and long stays. One month would cost approximately £2000, three months approximately £2600. This includes flights, insurance, visa, food and accommodation and the Christians Abroad administrative fee.

This energetic and friendly group will work hard to tailor a volunteer program to individual skills and preferences. They do not require any specific skills but look for committed, enthusiastic people who will be willing to learn, contribute and immerse themselves in life here. There is a wide range of activities that volunteers can get involved in:

  • Medical/ health – those with some medical training/ background/ interest, to help in rural health centers, hospitals and provide health education to different groups within the community and work with our HIV and malaria projects
  • Education/ teaching – education of our Functional Adult Learning and Life Skills groups. We can also link you to local primary and secondary schools where some of the Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) we support attend classes
  • Sports – help in setting up and coordinating sport teams/ clubs among our young people
  • Music, Dance and Drama (MDD) – help our peer educators with MDD sessions for both HIV awareness and for general enjoyment
  • Workshops and training – help train our peer educators, staff and community in areas you are knowledgeable in and feel would be beneficial eg IT skills, vocational skills, financial and business skills etc
  • Agriculture – help the local communities with their small scale farming


  • Management and administration – this involves helping our staff with the day to day running of the organization and any new improvements you can bring. This includes monitoring and evaluation of projects, marketing,       advertising, social networking, legal affairs, website designing, proposal writing and staff training
  • Fundraising – both helping us with local fundraising ideas and larger scale proposal writing, fund mobilization and lobbying
  • Business planning and management.
  • Photography, web designing and graphic design.
  • Human resource management and administrative work.
  • Public health internships/volunteering.
  • Project planning and management volunteering/internships field work.
  • Monitoring and evaluation project work of our project work
  • Micro-finance
  • Charity work
  • Human rights promotion-awareness, advocacy ,capacity building and training in human rights
  • Community mentoring.
  • Evangelism for those religious volunteers
  • Community empowerment.


Accommodation can be arranged in local guest houses, designated volunteer rented houses or with host families. The costs involved vary according to your choice, and there is room for groups as well as individuals.

Internet and hospital facilities are not far away, and there are many local places of interest and cultural experiences to be enjoyed at weekends.

Medical student Matthew returned from his elective placement in June 2014. He writes:

"I spent 7 weeks in Soroti, Uganda with the Shine Africa Foundation and had the most amazing experience. The charity is aimed at providing a sustainable future to those who are less well off in areas such as education and health as well as providing them with a basic service of care and advice. The staff and everyone I met in Uganda are very friendly and welcoming and it was no time at all until I felt at home.

I am a medical student and got the opportunity to work in the local hospital, a maternity centre and a HIV centre. However the organization is very flexible to your desires and skills. Throughout my time there also I got the opportunity to travel around Uganda as well seeing many amazing sights.

I travelled alone and never once regretted this as it was so easy to make friends with the locals and other volunteers. It was an amazing experience and I would recommend anyone thinking about it to go ahead and go for it."