Havilla Children's Centre Nairobi

Located in the Kibera slums on the edge of Nairobi, the Havilla Children’s Centre operates a feeding programme and health and education programmes. Volunteers can be involved in a wide range of supporting activities. A new sister project in the form of the Agape School is now also willing to accept volunteer assistance. The cost for one month is approximately £2000, and for three months, £2500. The cost includes air fares, visa, insurance, DBS check, modular preparation course, registration fee, food and accommodation and a donation towards Christians Abroad administrative costs.

Volunteers can be involved with the youth and children in:

  • Teaching. Volunteers can assist with teaching the children at the project centre with the help of the existing teaching staff.
  • Sports. Volunteers can play with children during break times and in organised games sessions.
  • Cooking. Volunteers can assist with cooking for the children and serving them with food.
  • Evangelism. Volunteers can be involved in visiting homes of the children and teaching them the word of God.
  • Film-making. Volunteers can assist in making videos for marketing the project.
  • Music. Volunteers can involve the children in music-making.
  • Fundraising. Volunteers can help in raising funds to support the project.
  • Proposal writing. Volunteers can assist in developing proposals for funding to support the project.

Accommodation is with local host families, with modern facilities. There is a moden well-equipped hospital only ten minutes’ walk from the project. The accommodation facilities are also close to the project.

Internet connection is available at the project.

This project is properly organised with a board of management and good references have been received from a local Christian Minister and previous volunteers. Two young female volunteers spent two months here early in 2017 and had a lovely time.