Give a helping hand with Himalayan Foundation Nepal

Directed by local pastor David Prasain, this community project is located in the city of Kathmandu, with branches in the surrounding smaller towns of Pokhara, Chitawn and Hetaudah.

The aim of the project is to reach everyone with the love of Christ, and through that lens there are many opportunities:

  •  Volunteers can help in the orphanage by befriending the children and helping with homework after the school day. Some of the older boys are keen to develop their musical skills, especially on the guitar.
  • There are also opportunities to assist Pastor David and his wife Mariyah in women’s ministry, church planting, reaching out to street children and spreading awareness of HIV-AIDS.
  • Local schools welcome volunteer help in the teaching of English. 
  • Volunteers can also work in reviewing and editing documents and websites and assisting in the production of a monthly newsletter.

Accommodation can be arranged with local (English speaking) Nepali families or in Pastor David's home, a four storey house that he shares with the thirteen children in his care. Each volunteer will have their own bed but may have to share a room with other volunteers. Food and accommodation will be provided at a cost of USD350 per month, payable at the beginning of each month. There is an initial registration fee of USD 30.

Volunteers can plan their time at the project as part of a longer itinerary in Nepal, with visits from just one or two weeks up to three months. A tourist visa can be arranged for 15 days, 30 days or 90 days.

Christianity is a minority faith in Nepal which has a majority Hindu population. There are also smaller populations of Buddhists and Christians, both Protestant and Catholic.  Participation in the twice daily devotions in the home is not obligatory but volunteers should be sympathetic to the Christian faith.

There is no malaria in Kathmandu but during the monsoon time in country areas of Nepal a volunteer would need malaria medicine.

Good internet access is available at the orphanage and there are internet cafes around the city.

Kathmandu is rich in cultural history. Sightseeing would be funded by the volunteers themselves.

A recent volunteer writes: "David Prasain and his wife Mariyah are very generous people and they are working very hard to provide for the children and they´re doing it with a smile on their face. I think of the experience every day and it has changed me in an extremely positive way as my understanding for poverty and charity has been broadened to an extent of which only few things are capable of doing."

The approximate cost of air fares, insurance, visas, food & accommodation, vaccinations and the administration fee is £2000 for one month, £2500 for three months.

Himalayan Foundation Nepal has a website and a Facebook page easily accessed on Google.