Could you help teach academic or vocational subjects to Teenagers in Tanzania?

The Lifeline Counselling Centre & Gender Empowerment (LCC&GE) based in Shinyanga, Tanzania, welcomes experienced teachers for  academic and vocational subjects for disadvantaged young people. A minimum of two months would cost approximately £2500 for flights, insurance, food and accommodation and our administration fee.

The Lifeline Counselling Centre has established The Cornerstone Institute for Leadership Development (CILD) for the purposes of ministering to vulnerable girls afflicted by forced marriage. Volunteers would assist with vocational training in tailoring and social studies as well as formal secondary school education. There are also courses for teenage boys in metalwork and woodwork to give them skills for future employment.


            The programs have been designed by LCC&GE staff, and are overseen by the Executive Director of LCC&GE Rev: Dr. Meshack Kulwa Ezekiel  and the program Manager Mr Joseph Ndatala.


It is preferred that volunteers would be from 24 years old up to 70 years old and grandparents would be especially appreciated.


The Volunteers will be staying with host families. They will have dinner with the family members. It is advised that volunteers will have to contribute $15 per day for the dinner and accommodation expenses.


The executive Director Rev: Dr .Meshack Kulwa Ezekiel and the Program manager Mr Joseph Ndattalla will meet all visitors at the airport in Mwanza and arrange all transport logistics to Shinyanga Tanzania where all the activities take place.


The area has got two Hospitals. One is the Government hospital which is the regional hospital while the other is a mission hospital under the Africa Inland Church of Tanzania. The two hospitals deliver reliable services for community members in Shinyanga Municipal and both of them have got qualified doctors.


The organization will be happy to accompany volunteers who would like to visit the Serengeti National Park or Ngorongoro National Park.